Friday, 7 October 2011

Winter Running

The dark evenings are really cutting in now and this has started to present  problems with my training. Ideally, I want to be running three evenings a week, as well as a longer run at the weekend. the problem is, I won't run on my own after dark. I can run with Derren once, maybe twice a week but as we run at such different paces it's a bit unfair to expect him to run with me, at my pace, right through the winter. He can actually walk faster than I run, which is quite embarrassing, but never mind.

So, after having to put off two runs already this week, because it got dark too quickly and getting in a right grump about it, I decided to lay out my options.

  1. Join a gym and use a treadmill
  2. Buy/hire our own treadmill
  3. Join a running club 

Joining a running club would probably be the best all round option, as not only is there safety in numbers running with a large group, but there would be numerous other benefits too. I contacted the local club, Blackhill Bounders, and asked if they had room for a slow lady runner in need of improvement. The answer was a resounding "Yes! Come and join us, you'll love it!" and  a "No need to be nervous, we don't bite!" when I mentioned I was a bit scared of the whole "club" thing. Well, that friendly response put me at ease immediately, so much so, I'm really looking forward to going along for a try out. I'm hoping I can persuade Derren to join me if his shifts allow.

So, all's well and good now, I can keep up with my training over the winter and hopefully come out of the other side a leaner, meaner running machine, with a bit (read a lot) of help from Blackhill Bounders.

Then tonight, I got home to the most amazing surprise...

This was waiting for me...

Bought by Derren as an early Christmas present; I never in a million years thought getting our own treadmill would be a real option. I was absolutely blown away! Having it actually solves a few other logistical problems. It means I can run whilst the tea's in the oven, without fear of the house burning down! It definitely won't replace my love of getting outdoors and running but it will make life a bit easier when time is tight. I'll still be joining the running club as I definitely need the structure and guidance only they can provide.

I had a quick 30 minute test drive of my Z8 tonight, and after a few minutes it was like I'd been running on a treadmill all my life. The feeling of the ground still moving once I got off was a bit strange though.

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Derren for being so thoughtful and for making sure I stay safe and happy. Love you!

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